As a designer, my number one goal is to be well-rounded. I am a trilingual  third culture individual  born in Vienna and grew up all over the world.  I include my German/French/American cultures and combine them with my ten year+ business fashion experience and love of technology and design. I enjoy facing new challenges head-on and this mindset has helped immerse me in a number of great adventures. I’ve worked for IBM, Kenneth Cole NY, Nine West Group and most recently Pratt Institute while earning an MFA in Communication Design.
I helped launch Open Source Design in NYC. I am an avid privacy and security fanatic and free//open source software supporter and feel very passionate about user experience design. I enjoy researching, understanding my clients and users and dedicating myself to creating websites and products that excite and communicate my understanding of their needs. Join me in supporting Open Source Design globally or locally!
About Dina
From Vienna Austria with US citizenship 
Traveled/settled all over the world, now a permanent 
NYC resident
Fluent in German, French and English
Thinks in all three languages (woof!)
Loves connecting people
Successful ten year career in the fashion industry
Loves technology, gadgets, and the intersection with language
loves her three aquariums :-)
Hopes to:
Hack the planet
Participate more at CCC and DefCon
Facilitate communication and collaboration
between designers and developers
Ski at least twice every year
Adopt more pets (1 cat and/or  1 dog)
Spend more time with loved ones
Do more art, design and networking
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